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aGrUM is a C++ library designed for easily building applications using graphical models such as Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, decision trees, GAI networks or Markov decision processes.

aGrUM is written to provide the basic building blocks to perform the following tasks :

  • designing graphical models,
  • learning graphical models,
  • elicitation of graphical models,
  • inference within graphical models,
  • planning


Model Domain Algorithm
Potential Multi-dimensional array tensorial algebra
Bayesian Network Input/Output bif/bifxml/dsl/net formats (read/write)
Exact Inference
with Relevant Reasonning
Variable Elimination
Shafer-Shenoy Inference
Lazy Propagation
Approximated Inference Gibbs Sampling
Loopy Belief Propagation
Parameter Learning Pure maxLikelihood,
Structural Learning Local search with Tabu List
Greedy Hill Climbing
constraints : mandatory/forbidden arcs,etc.
Miscellenaous Exact and approximated distance/divergence between BNs (KL, Bhattacharya, Hellinger)
Mutual information, entropy,
Simulation (generation of csv files),
Influence Diagram Input/Output bifxml
Inference Junction Trees
Probabilistic Relational Model Input/output O3PRM language parser
Exact inference Structured Variable Elimination (SVE)
Credal Networks Approximated inference GL2U
MC Sampling
FMDP Input
Planning SVI
multi-valued Decision Diagram SPUnDD
Legend :
  • Mandatory algorithms before 1.0.0
  • specific algorithms in aGrUM


Documentation & supports

People & Applications


The contribution agreement can be found here.

aGrUM is released under the Gnu Public License, which means it can be freely copied and distributed, and costs nothing to use in open-source applications. Especially, aGrUM can be used freely for research project.

If you wish to use aGrUM in a closed-source product, please contact C.Gonzales or P-H.Wuillemin in order to get appropriate licenses.

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