Derniers projets

  • Non convex Regularized Bundle Method (15/11/2012 11:35)

    Bundle Method for optimizing convex and non convex risks.

    This code implements an algorithm named NRBM (Non convex Regularized Bundle Methods) that we designed to deal efficiently with regularized non convex risks as often encountered in the machine learning field. It is a generic code able to deal with convex, non convex, smooth and non smooth risks....

  • mlia (14/11/2012 17:30)

    You can find here public available codes by the statistical machine learning group of the Machine Learning and Information REtrieval team of Uinversity Pierre et Marie Curie.

  • pyAgrum (17/01/2012 13:51)

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  • aGrUM (12/05/2011 15:50)

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